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Market performance

Yield Performance of Xisen Series of Varieties

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Market performance

In 2017,the yield evaluation for Xisen 6 was organized by shangdong potato association and local agricultural bureaus(Each competitor had to plant at least 677㎡and the testing area c be over 135㎡).The 17members of the evaluation team comprised of national and provincial potato experts ,including professor Chen Yili, secretary General of Potato Association of China ,Professor Wang Yihang, former Director of Potato institute of Dansu Academy of Agricultural Sciences ,Professor Li Wengang, former Director of institute of Minor Crops of Inner Mongolia Academy of Agricultural Science and chairman of Lingtian Group Co. Ltd ..In order to evaluate the yield in an open ,fair ,and impartial way ,the testing methods were learnt from the standards for the national high-yield creating initiative.

 The yield evaluation was fully successful and aroused the attentions from the whole China. As expected ,series of Xisen varieties were performed well ,in Tengzhou ,Shandong, eight farmers harvested 75t/ha of potatoes from Xisen 3,five farmers harvested 105t/ha of potatoes from Xisen 6;in Jiaodong ,fifteen farmers harvested 120t/ha of potatoes from Xisen 6 and three of them got the yield over 135t/ha .the highest yield was 141t/ha ,so far the highest record in the world.

Mr.Liu Weimin ,Director General ,Mr.Pan Jun ,Deputy Director General ,Department of science and Technology in Shandong ,Mr. Li Feng, Mayer of Zaozhuang City and other leaders ,media from central government and from local government ,and the sale representatives from different locations in China ,about 1000 people went to the potato fields and witnessed the historical moment of world highest yields from Xisen varieties.

Mr. Zhu Ruiyun , Deputy Director General of Department of Agriculture in Shandong ,Mr. Jiang Qinggong, Head of the General station for seed Management in Shandong ,leaders from Zaozhuang  City and Tengzhou City participated in the Award Ceremony for the High Yield Competition of Xisen Potato Varieties and awarded the prizes to the winners.



Market performance