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Xisen and the belt and Road Initative

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the Belt and Road

Xisen Potato Industry Group Co. Ltd. is the first potato company which implemented the Belt and Road Initiative in China and developed rapidly. So far, the company had conducted related cooperative cooperation between Unite Kingdom, Kazahkstan, Egypt, and Argentina and made a number of achievements. It becomes the pioneer in implementing the Belt and Road Initiative.


Cooperation between Xisen and UK

Xisen Company had signed the MOU with James Hutton Institute in 2014, involving in germplasm and technology introduction, research on real problems in potato production, and training and exchange of scientific staff. Up to now, there were 30 times of mutual visits. The priorities of the cooperation in future include the introduction, evaluation and utilization of 10,000 accessions of wild potato germplasm, disease diagnosis and control, seed potato technologies, storage technologies, academic exchange and training, establishment of joint laboratory for the innovation of potato science and technology, and the regular Sino-UK potato workshops.


Cooperation between Xisen and Kazakhstan

Xisen Company had conducted cooperation with S. Seifullin Kazakh Agrotechnical University in Kazakhstan. The purpose of the cooperation is to utilize the advantages of both parties in resources and technologies, and to conduct the researches on germplasm evaluation, identification, screening, breeding for new varieties, seed multiplication and extension aiming on the characteristics of agriculture in the countries in the Belt and Road Initiative. In 2017, the company and the university had established the demonstration base for the new series of Xisen varieties and specialized machineries and established the Kazakhstan Branch Center of National Engineering Research Center. In the near future, the cooperation will be focusing on the establishment of the innovation platform for potato science and technology and the scholarship for potato in the university, so that the 3G seed system, mechanization demonstration, and personnel exchange and training will be further enhanced.