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About us


High-technology, high-standard, and high-quality

to let the small potato become the big industry

Company profile

Xisen Potato Industry Co. Ltd. is a high-tech agricultural enterprise , a leading enterprise for agricultural industrialization, and an enterprise integrated potato breeding, seed multiplication ,and extension involving in potato germplasm evaluation, potato breeding, seed potato multiplication, flake processing, R & D for potato staple food products, and import and export trade. The Company was registered in November 2005 with a registered capital of 150 m Yuan. The HQ of the Company is located in Laoling City, Shandong Province. The Croup Company possesses three sub-companies and five production bases, including Beijing Sanhe Potato Co. Ltd., Inner Mongolia Xisen Potato Co. Ltd., Laoling base, Yanqing base, Shangdu base , Kangbao base, and Hulunbeier base.

Up to now, the Company has finished the investment of over 3 billion Yuan, with the facilities to multiply 400 million minitubers per year and to grow seed potatoes about 26,667 ha in Inner Mongolia and North Hebei in three years' rotation scheme. In the production bases, there are about 800 sets of pivot irrigation systems, 450,000 tons of modern storages, and 12,5,00 tons of flake production.

Laoning base and Yanqing base are focusing on potato germplasm evaluation, potato breeding, multiplication of virus-free in-vitro plantlets, and production of minitubers in substrate and in aeroponics. The capacity of minituber production is 250 million and 150 million respectively.

Seed multiplication bases are located in Inner Mongolia and in Bashang area of Zhangjiakou City where are suitable for seed potato production due to the high high altitude, high latitude, and strong wind. The company produces 6,667 ha of virus-free seeds every year.


Established in 2005
150-million-yuan registered capital
Three subsidiaries and five production bases
Over 3-billion-yuan total investment

National Engineering Research Center for Potato(NERCP)

The Company has a strong capacity for research and development due to the National Engineering Research Center for Potato affiliated. The

Center has 55 permanent staff, including 30 staff with above middle academic titles and 15 staff with MSC degrees. The Center is focusing on

the R & D for potato germplasm evaluation and creation, quality control for seed potatoes, disease control, seed storage, and mechanized

planting technologies, and continuously provides new varieties and new technologies for potato industry in China.

China already launched the initiative of potato staple food which will promote the development of staple food products,

push the improvement of processing technologies, and upgrade the potato industry in China. Potato will become the

fourth staple food after rice, wheat, and maize. The annual planting area will be increased to 10 million ha, the total

production will be increased to 200 million tons  per year (equivalent to 40million tons of grain crops). Potato will

increase the food security for China.

The main objective of potato staple initiative is to process potato into Chinese traditional staple foods, such as

steamed bread, noodles, and rice noodles, changing potato from non-staple food to staple consumption, from raw

materials to processed products, and from basic life requirement to nutritional consumption, and let potato become the

fourth staple food in China to replenish the major three staple foods.

In recent years ,Xisen Company dedicated to push the potato staple food initiative,to explore the staple food

products meeting the flavor of Chinese people ,and to gradually guide the potato consumption concept and the dietary

customs .UP to now (2017),five series and about 60 potato staple products had been developed and ready to

produce in large-scale,including steamed bread, noodles ,desserts,bread,and drinks containing potato flakes.

Potato Staple Food  Initative  in China


High-technology, high-standard, and high-quality to let the small potato become the big industry

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