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Xisen 7

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This is an early variety which wcan be harvested in about 65 DAE, erect plant with strong vigor, 60~65 cm height, purple stem, and deep green leaves. The flowers are white with the large crown. There are few natural fruits. The tubers are oblong and medium size. The skin is purple and smooth with superficial eyes. The flesh is purple. Tuber set is compact with about 7 tubers per plant. The tuber shape is oblong with purple flesh. The anthocyanin content is about 15.8 mg/100 g(fresh weight), the total phenols content is 107.8 mg/100 g(fresh weight), the dry matter is about 20%, and the starch content is from 12%~14%. The quality for steaming is very good. The yield potential is high.

Suitable regions

It’s suitable for planting in spring and in autumn with or without plastic mulch in Shandong Province.

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